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ARPA-E Acting Director Dr. Cheryl Martin on Platts Energy Week

Bill Loveless from Platts Energy Week interviews ARPA-E Acting Director, Dr. Cheryl Martin, about the many transformational energy technologies on display at ARPA-E's 5th annual Energy Innovation Summit.
Dr. Cheryl Martin on Platts Energy Week

Learn How ARPA-E is Advancing Light Metals for American Automobiles

ARPA-E's METALS program seeks to ensure that the U.S. produces the most competitive vehicles worldwide based on improved efficiency, lower cost, and reduced emissions.

I-Corps at ARPA-E

ARPA-E has partnered with the National Science Foundation (NSF) to allow select project teams to participate in the Innovation Corps (I-Corps™) program. The I-Corps™ program offers ARPA-E awardees the opportunity, as early-stage technology developers, to learn the essentials of business model development and the customer discovery process. Learn more about I-Corps™, ARPA-E’s inter-agency partnership with NSF, and how to get involved.
ARPA-E partnership with NSF I-Corps