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This webinar delves into the current debate on attracting and keeping women in STEM careers. The ARPA-E Women in Energy Series seeks to utilize ARPA-E’s convening influence to engage women researchers and technologists working in the energy industry and provide them with a forum to discuss career-development successes and challenges. It also aims to facilitate relationships between women scientists that can spur technological innovations and help move promising technologies to market.

This webinar seeks to educate prospective ARPA-E applicants on the ARPA-E Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) process, the types of projects that Agency funds, and how to prepare a Concept Paper and Full Application.

Join us for an informative discussion about the relationship between ARPA-E and the National Science Foundation's I-Corps program, which guides research teams through an iterative customer and business model discovery process aimed at identifying a path to market for early-stage technologies.

Bill Loveless from Platts Energy Week interviews ARPA-E Acting Director, Dr. Cheryl Martin, about the many transformational energy technologies on display at ARPA-E's 5th annual Energy Innovation Summit.

Two distinct technologies from ARPA-E’s MOVE program illustrate how the Agency takes a multi-pronged approach to revolutionizing how we use natural gas to power our cars and trucks.


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