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  We're investing in the best people, the best companies, and the best ideas to bring entirely new energy technologies to market.

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Changing What's Possible for the New Carbon Economy

ARPA-E is pursuing a number of programs focused on redefining the relationships between energy and carbon, and the ECOSynBio (Energy and Carbon Optimized Synthesis for the Bioeconomy) program will pioneer a new paradigm for biosynthesis that prioritizes carbon and natural resource efficiency during the production of renewable carbon-based fuels, chemicals, and products. This program will invest in the engineering of novel biosynthesis and bioconversion pathways that leverage clean renewable energy to increase product yields and enable new energy systems that better promote optimal carbon and resource management throughout our economy.

Turning Ideas Into Reality - Projects in Progress VIII

In January, we introduced a new series to highlight the transformational technology our project teams are developing across the energy portfolio. About 13% of all energy produced in the United States today is used to heat, cool, and ventilate buildings. Furthermore, 37% of all energy used by commercial buildings and 40% of residential buildings goes toward HVAC. Through smart window coatings and energy sensors, the University of Texas at Austin and Stanford University teams are turning building efficiency ideas into reality.

Recent ARPA-E News

September 16, 2020

The U.S. Department of Energy today announced $24 million in funding for 2 projects as part of the first stage of the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy’s (ARPA-E) Seeding Critical Advances for Leading Energy technologies with Untapped Potential (SCALEUP) program. These SCALEUP “Fast-Track” teams, Natron Energy and Bridger Photonics, will receive $19M and $5M, respectively, to further their commercialization efforts in sodium-ion battery development and methane detection technologies.

September 2, 2020

Today, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced $29 million in funding for 14 projects as part of the Galvanizing Advances in Market-aligned fusion for an Overabundance of Watts (GAMOW) program, which is jointly sponsored by the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) and the Office of Science–Fusion Energy Sciences (SC-FES).

September 1, 2020

Today, the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy announced $16.5 million in funding for six projects as part of the Systems for Monitoring and Analytics for Renewable Transportation Fuels from Agricultural Resources and Management (SMARTFARM) program. These projects will develop technologies that bridge the data gap in the biofuel supply chain by quantifying feedstock-related GHG emissions and soil carbon dynamics at the field-level. These technologies will allow for improved efficiency in feedstock production and enable new ag-sector carbon removal and management opportunities.

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