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This workshop sought to identify transformational research and development opportunities for inexpensive full-spectrum solar energy collection with integrated energy storage.

Posted: March 15, 2016

This workshop convened leading experts in solid state ionics, low-cost ceramics and composites manufacturing, mechanical properties of thin functional layers, mixed ionic and electronic conductors, nanostructuring, solid-state polymers, solid-state synthetic techniques, high-throughput materials computation and discovery, and novel approaches to ionically conductive layers to identify innovative research paths to advance solid ion conductors for energy technologies.

Posted: March 15, 2016

ARPA-E held a kickoff meeting for its SWITCHES program on January 23rd, 2014, in Phoenix, Arizona. The purpose of the meeting was to convene all SWITCHES project teams for the first time, and communicate Program Director’s expectations and aspirations for the program with awardees. The event also introduced performers to ARPA-E’s Technology-to-Market program.

Representative outcomes of the meeting were:

Posted: February 27, 2014


Posted: April 28, 2016

The Technology-to-Market Milestones chart lists examples of appropriate Tech-to-Market activities, considerations for each, and examples of specific milestones that may be appropriate for integration into the project award. Click here to download. 


Posted: December 6, 2012


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