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Budget & Strategic Outreach

ARPA-E Associate Director for Finance Hai Duong

Hai Duong is the Associate Director for Finance at ARPA-E and is responsible for the financial management of the program. Prior to ARPA-E he served as the Deputy Chief Financial Officer for the Consumer Product Safety Commission. In that role he oversaw the Commission’s financial operations, including its budget formulation and execution, planning, accounting, procurement, and internal controls. He also led several process improvements that significantly streamlined the Commission’s budget processes and performance measures.  

ARPA-E Assistant Director for External Coordination Peder Maarbjerg

Peder Maarbjerg currently serves as the Assistant Director for External Coordination at ARPA-E and is responsible for legislative and public policy outreach.

Dr. Yanzhi (Ann)  Xu

Dr. Yanzhi (Ann) Xu currently serves as the Senior Technical Advisor for Impact and Assessment at the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E), where she implements strategic evaluations of ARPA-E projects and programs on their technological and economic impacts.