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Dr. Zara L'Heureux

Dr. Zara L’Heureux currently serves as an ARPA-E Fellow. Her interests include automation and systems scaling, robotics, carbon capture and utilization, and internal combustion engines.

Dr. L’Heureux received her Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Engineering from Columbia University under the direction of Prof. Klaus S. Lackner. Dr. L’Heureux’s dissertation focused on the repurposing of mass-produced internal combustion engines for modular applications in the energy and chemical engineering industries. Prior to joining ARPA-E, Dr. L’Heureux founded a start-up to design and build modular, autonomously operating energy systems to operate alongside solar photovoltaics and increase the value of grid-connected renewable energy generating facilities. 

Dr. L’Heureux also earned an M.S. in Earth and Environmental Engineering from Columbia, and an S.B. in Civil Engineering with a Minor in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.