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Innovative Development in Energy-Related Applied Science
Program Description: 

The IDEAS program - short for Innovative Development in Energy-Related Applied Science - provides a continuing opportunity for the rapid support of early-stage applied research to explore pioneering new concepts with the potential for transformational and disruptive changes in energy technology. IDEAS awards, which are restricted to maximums of one year in duration and $500,000 in funding, are intended to be flexible and may take the form of analyses or exploratory research that provides the agency with information useful for the subsequent development of focused technology programs. IDEAS awards may also support proof-of-concept research to develop a unique technology concept, either in an area not currently supported by the agency or as a potential enhancement to an ongoing focused technology program. This program identifies potentially disruptive concepts in energy-related technologies that challenge the status quo and represent a leap beyond today's technology. That said, an innovative concept alone is not enough. IDEAS projects must also represent a fundamentally new paradigm in energy technology and have the potential to significantly impact ARPA-E's mission areas.

Innovation Need: 

Being able to act quickly and fund the most cutting-edge ideas is at the core of ARPA-E's mission, and IDEAS is another example of ARPA-E adapting its model to leverage new scientific discoveries and market developments. IDEAS will enable ARPA-E to support exceptionally promising and innovative early-stage applied research.

Program Director Name: 
Multiple Program Directors manage this program. For specific PD information please refer to the project slick sheet.
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