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OPEN 2018

Open Funding Solicitation
Program Description: 

In 2018, ARPA-E issued its fourth open funding opportunity, designed to catalyze transformational breakthroughs across the entire spectrum of energy technologies. ARPA-E received thousands of concept papers for OPEN 2018, which hundreds of scientists and engineers reviewed over the course of several months. ARPA-E selected 45 projects for its OPEN 2018 program, awarding them $112 million in federal funding. OPEN 2018 projects cut across ten technology areas: building efficiency, distributed generation, electrical efficiency, grid, grid storage, manufacturing efficiency, resource efficiency, transportation fuels, transportation energy conversion, and transportation vehicles.

Innovation Need: 

Much of ARPA-E's funding is awarded to projects in specific energy-related technology areas, but ARPA-E also provides open funding opportunities for high-potential projects that address the full range of energy-related technologies and concepts. ARPA-E announces OPEN funding opportunities periodically and evaluates submissions based on their compatibility with the agency's mission, the novelty of their approach to energy innovation, and the extent to which they meet technical needs currently underserved by other parts of the Department of Energy or private sector.

Potential Impact: 

Game-changing advancements from OPEN 2018 would help ARPA-E achieve its mission and ensure the U.S. maintains a lead in developing and deploying advanced energy technologies.


Increased access to, and use of, domestically produced sources of energy would help increase U.S. energy independence and energy security.


Developing new and sustainable energy sources sources reduces U.S. reliance on fossil fuels that create harmful greenhouse gas emissions.


Inexpensive energy sources would help reduce costs to millions of American consumers and small business owners.

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