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July 2020
News Alert: New Funding Opportunity for Carbon Capture and Storage Program

May 2020
Newsletter: New Funding Topics to Advance Critical Energy Innovation, and More
News Alert: ARPA-E Announces New Projects in GEMINA Program

April 2020
Newsletter: FOA to Develop Ultrahigh Temp Materials, PERFORM Teams Selected
News Alert: Funding Available for SCALEUP, Deadline Extended
News Alert: New Funding Opportunity to Develop Hydrokinetic Turbines & BETHE Project Selections 

March 2020
Newsletter: Important Updates to Funding Opportunities, Projects & Programs

February 2020
News Alert: New Funding Opportunity, Competition Updates
Newsletter: Updates in Natural Gas Pipes, Rare-earth-free magnets, and more!

January 2020
News Alert: ARPA-E's Four Newest Funding Opportunities
Newsletter: SCALEUP Webinar, Untapped Resources and New Horizons

December 2019
News Alert: New Funding Opportunity to Scale Energy Tech
Newsletter: New Funding Opportunities for Electric Aviation and SMARTFARM

November 2019
Newsletter: New Carbon Capture and Fusion Funding Opportunities, AI Project Selections, and New Blogs

October 2019
News Alert: New Funding Opportunity for Advanced Nuclear Reactor Designs

September 2019
Newsletter: New Funding Opportunities, Project Selections, and Teaming Partner List

August 2019
Newsletter: 2019 Summit Recap, New Teaming Partner List, SEED Funding Opportunity

July 2019
News Alert: ARPA-E Welcomes New Director, Lane Genatowski
News Alert: ARPA-E Announces New Speaker, Retrospective, & ATLAS Competition Winners

June 2019
News Alert: Energy Secretary Rick Perry: "Don't Miss When ARPA-E Goes West"
News Alert: 2019 Summit to Feature Dean Kamen and New C-Suite Executives

May 2019
Newsletter: New Energy Leaders to Keynote Summit, Pilot Program RFI, Blog, and Concrete and Cementitious Materials Projects

April 2019
Newsletter: ARPA-E Announces Funding Opportunity, Summit Keynote Speakers, RFI, and Impact Indicators

March 2019
Newsletter: ARPA-E Announces Updates to 2019 Energy Innovation Summit, New Topic in Funding

February 2019
News Alert: New Projects in BREAKERS Program, New OPEN+ Cohorts

February 2019
Newsletter: ARPA-E Announces ATLANTIS Program, ATLAS Competition, New Blogs

December 2018
Newsletter: ARPA-E Announces New OPEN+ Cohorts, New Funding Opportunities, Summit Early Bird Extension

December 2018
News Alert: ARPA-E Announces OPEN+, First Cohort

November 2018
Newsletter: ARPA-E Announces OPEN 2018 Projects, New Principal Deputy Director, GO Competition Dataset 

October 2018
Newsletter: ARPA-E Announces Launch of Grid Optimization (GO) Competition

September 2018
News Alert: ARPA-E Announces 2019 Energy Innovation Summit to Highlight a Decade of Making Ideas Into Reality

August 2018
News Alert: ARPA-E Announces Funding Opportunity to Develop Novel Heat Exchanger Technologies

July 2018
News Alert: ARPA-E Announces Funding to Support Upcoming Grid Optimization Competition

July 2018
Newsletter: Awardee Spotlight and Upcoming Workshop 

June 2018
Newsletter: ARPA-E Announces 10 New Projects

May 2018
Newsletter: ARPA-E Announces New Funding Opportunity 

April 2018
Newsletter: ARPA-E and NASA  iTech Challenge and 2018 Summit Recap

March 2018
Newsletter: ARPA-E Announces 8 New Projects 

February 2018
Newsletter: Energy Secretary Perry to Keynote ARPA-E Summit

January 2018
Newsletter: Countdown to the Summit and OPEN 2018 Concept Paper Deadline

December 2017
Newsletter: ARPA-E Announces $100 Million OPEN Solicitation

November 2017
Newsletter: ARPA-E Announces 15 New Projects and Registration Open for 2018 Energy Innovation Summit 

October 2017
Newsletter: ARPA-E Announces New Funding Opportunity 

September 2017
Newsletter: ARPA-E Announces 18 New Projects

August 2017
Newsletter: ARPA-E Announces 21 New Projects

July 2017
Newsletter: ARPA-E Announces New Funding Opportunity 

June 2017
Newsletter: ARPA-E Announces 16 New Projects 

June 2017
Newsletter: ARPA-E Teaming Partner Lists 

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