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Pre-Award Guidance

Upon selection, award negotiations will be initiated. ARPA-E has established aggressive deadlines for the completion of award negotiations, typically 100 days after selection.

During the award negotiations, Selectees are expected to make a number of updates, clarifications, and changes to the documentation submitted as part of their Full Application. For example, it is not uncommon for ARPA-E to have selected only a portion of the work proposed in a Full Application. Pursuant to ARPA-E’s substantial involvement in the direction or re-direction of projects funded under Cooperative Agreements, the ARPA-E Program Director may request changes to your team (e.g. adding new team members or dropping others).

It is imperative that the Selectee provide timely responses to ARPA-E project team requests and questions. Failure to provide responses in a prompt fashion will delay finalization of the award funding.

Applicants Guide to ARPA-E Award Negotiations (Coming soon!) 

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