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FOCUS Project Team - Arizona State University's Solar-Concentrating Photovoltaic Mirror

The PVMirror project is a collaborative effort between Arizona State University (ASU) in Tempe and the University of Arizona (UA) in Tucson. Principle Investigator Professor Zachary Holman leads the ASU team in the development of silicon heterojunction solar cells for incorporation into PVMirrors. From his work at EPFL in Switzerland, Zak is an expert in the fabrication, characterization and loss analysis of high-efficiency silicon solar cells.

Professor Mariana Bertoni, also at ASU, contributes her wealth of knowledge in mechanical stress, defect engineering, and module fabrication from her time at MIT and Integrated Photovoltaics to the project; she investigates lamination of solar cells to the curved glass that forms the structural support of a PVMirror.

Professor Roger Angel leads UA’s efforts in designing the optics of PVMirrors, curving glass into parabolic troughs, and measuring PVMirror performance on a sun tracker. Roger is a MacArthur Fellow, the director of UA’s Mirror Lab—which makes the largest optical telescope mirrors in the world—and the founder of concentrating photovoltaic company Rehnu.

Engineer Kate Fisher, techno-economic analyst Rob Stirling, project manager Laurel Passantino, and PhD students Jason Yu, Brian Wheelwright, Rodolfo Peon, and Leon Meng complete the team, and bring previous experience in the photovoltaic, optics, and manufacturing industries.

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