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FOCUS Project Team - Cogenra Solar's Hybrid Solar Converter with Light-Filtering Mirror

PI – Ratson Morad, Cogenra Solar: Mr. Morad is the COO and VP R&D at Cogenra Solar and has overall responsibility for the project.  Mr. Morad is an established leader in technology-driven companies, who builds and leads teams from concept to maturity, in start-up and Fortune 500 companies. Invented more than 30 patents, facilitating development of breakthrough technologies in renewable energy, medical devices and semiconductors. Mr. Morad has developed and commercialized multiple advanced technology systems, including MRI, semiconductors PVD systems and PV/Thermal systems.

Co-PI – Matt Orosz, PhD, COGENRA Project Manager: Dr. Orosz co-led US DOE (SERIIUS CSP4) and ARPA-e (FOCUS) funded efforts in engineering design with interdisciplinary teams of Industry and Academic collaborators.  As Founder and director of the US non-profit STG International, Matt has developed and implemented off-grid renewable energy projects in Africa.  Matt is a former Peace Corps volunteer, Fulbright Fellow, and Echoing Green Fellow.  Dr. Orosz holds a patent in solar ORC technology (US 8132409 B2)

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