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FOCUS Project Team - MicroLink's Dual-Junction Photovoltaic Topping Device for High-Temp Operation

Jessica Adams, MicroLink Devices - Principal Investigator

Dr. Jessica Adams currently holds the position of Senior Program Manager at MicroLink Devices, Inc in Niles, IL.  She received her Ph.D. in Physics from Imperial College London, UK, in 2011.  Her research focused on the design and development of high-efficiency nano-structured solar cells for space and concentrator photovoltaic applications, in addition to co-inventing a novel multi-junction solar cell structure lattice-matched to indium phosphide in collaboration with the US Naval Research Laboratory.  After graduating, Dr. Adams joined MicroLink Devices as a Senior Research and Development Engineer, where she has managed several programs to develop high-efficiency, ultra-lightweight solar cells and arrays for terrestrial, unmanned aerial vehicle and space applications.

Raymond Hoheisel, US Naval Research Laboratory - Co-Principal Investigator

R. Hoheisel received his Ph.D. degree in physics for work on the characterization and development of III–V multijunction solar cells at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, Freiburg, Germany, in 2010. Since 2011, he has been with the George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA as a residing research scientist at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC, USA. His current research interests include novel multijunction cell concepts for terrestrial and space applications and related characterization techniques. He has authored and co-authored more than 50 refereed journal publications and conference proceedings in the field of III-V multijunction solar cell degradation, photovoltaic power forecast and multi-junction device characterization techniques.

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