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FOCUS Project Team - Sharp Lab's Partially Transmitting Mirror

Project PI – Dr. Wei Pan, Sharp Labs of America.  Dr. Pan has more than 17 years industrial experience developing practical manufacturing processes for magnetic storage, non-volatile memories, image sensors, solar cells, and other electronic devices.  Dr. Pan has 55 awarded U. S. patents. His main job function for the project is to lead the team to design and integrate the state-of-the art CSP-CPV system and meet the performance specifications.

Project Co-PI – Dr. Douglas Tweet, Sharp Labs of America.  Dr. Tweet has more than 20 years of industrial research experience in theoretical analysis, fabrication and characterization of optical and semiconductor thin films and new materials for display, LED, and energy-efficiency applications.  Dr. Tweet has 73 awarded U. S. patents. He works closely with UA team for optical system design, characterization, and integration.

Project Co-PI – Mr. Greg Stecker, Sharp Labs of America. Mr. Stecker has more than 25 years in semiconductor industry.  His expertise covers the area of mechanical parts and system design and fabrication.  He has built many research tools from concept to accommodate project needs. He works closely with Solargenix and UM to design secondary optics and PV array to fit into Solargenix’s trough.

Project Co-PI – Dr. Robert A. Norwood, University of Arizona, Optical Science. Dr. Norwood is a globally recognized expert in optics.  He is a fellow of the OSA and the SPIE, and has been an Associate Editor of IEEE Photonics Technology Letters and Optical Materials Express.   He was previously CTO and VP of Photon-X, Inc., a VC backed fiber optic startup, and spent 11 years working in staff and leadership positions in corporate research and development positions at Honeywell and Hoechst Celanese. He has more than 100 publications in refereed journals, has 30 issued US patents, and has given 65 invited talks at major international meetings. He is responsible for optical design and testing and work closely with Sharp Labs of America for the whole system integration.

Project Co-PI – Dr. Chung-Lung Chen, University of Missouri.  Dr. Chen is the Endowed Chair of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at the University. He is a recognized expert in the field of thermal management, flow control, micro/nano technology, and renewable energy. Dr. Chen has more than 110 scientific publications and received many DARPA/ONR awards and honors.  He develops thermal management schemes for the hybrid system.

Project Co-PI – Mr. John F. Myles, Solargenix LLC. Mr. Myles is CEO and Chairman of the Board and the Founder of Solargenix LLC.  He is a licensed General Contractor with more than 40 years general construction experience with particular interest in solar thermal energy generation. He is past Chairman of the American Solar Energy Society Board of Trustees and served as a member of the Board of Directors for Acciona Solar Power, Inc. Solargenix has participated in the development of several utility-scale CSP projects worldwide.  Solargenix will design and build the hybrid trough system for the project.

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