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FOCUS Project Team - University of Tulsa's Liquid Filter with Plasmonic Nanoparticles

PI - Todd Otanicar, PhD, PE, The University of Tulsa: Dr. Otanicar is leading the effort from the University of Tulsa. His research focuses on heat transfer and thermodynamics centered primarily on the use of nanoscale structures to enhance thermal transport and energy conversion. Dr. Otanicar has been at the forefront of the use of nanoparticles for solar energy absorption with over 10 publications in this field alone.

Co-PI – Kenneth Roberts, PhD, The University of Tulsa: Performs research on the synthesis and optical/electron characterization of metallic, semiconductor, and oxide nanoparticles. Moreover, he investigates numerous nanoparticle surface ligands to tailor solubility and surface reactivity. 

Co-PI – Parameswar Hari, PhD, The University of Tulsa: Conducts research on nanomaterials, especially on materials used in third generation photovoltaics and is also the associate director of the nanotechnology institute at the University of Tulsa. Dr. Hari is the author of over 60 publications.

Co-PI – Ratson Morad, Cogenra Solar: Serves as COO and VP R&D at Cogenra. He will have overall responsibility for the project at Cogenra.  Mr. Morad developed multiple advanced technology systems, including MRI, semiconductors deposition systems and PV systems. Mr. Morad has 30 granted US patents.

Co-PI – Aaron Saunders, PhD, nanoComposix: Dr. Saunders is a Senior Scientist at nanoComposix, and conducts and directs research using nanomaterials in optical coatings, diagnostic assays, and defense-related applications.  He has researched nanomaterials for more than 12 years, and is author of more than 20 publications and patents.

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