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FOCUS Project Team - Yale University's High-Temperature Dual-Junction Topping Cells

PI Minjoo Larry Lee is an associate professor of electrical engineering at Yale University. He is the author or coauthor of over 100 technical papers and conference proceedings and holds nine patents. He has received numerous recognitions including: the Lange Lectureship (UCSB), North American conference on MBE (NAMBE) Young Investigator Award, DARPA Young Faculty Award, NSF CAREER award, MRS gold award for graduate student research, and the IEEE Electron Device Society George E. Smith award. His advisees have won best presentation or poster prizes at the MRS fall meeting, IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, Electronic Materials Conference, and NAMBE.

Myles Steiner is a senior scientist in the High Efficiency Crystalline Photovoltaics group at NREL, working primarily on III-V multijunction solar cells for concentrator applications. He has worked on photon recycling and luminescent coupling in multijunction cells, growth and ordering of lattice-mismatched GaInP and GaInAs solar cells, mechanical stacking and lateral spectrum splitting multijunction designs, and the design and measurement of solar cells at elevated operating temperatures. He is the author or co-author of over 50 Journal and conference papers, and holds two patents.


Dr. Paul Sharps is the Chief Scientist for SolAero Technologies Corporation. Dr. Sharps received his PhD from Stanford University in 1990, studying CdTe thin films for photovoltaic applications. Dr. Sharps worked on research and development of III-V multi-junction solar cells for Research Triangle Institute from 1990 until 1998. In 1998 Dr. Sharps joined Emcore Photovoltaics, and has held a number of positions in R&D. He has managed a number of development programs, including one that developed the first GaInP2/GaAs/Ge triple junction device to achieve an efficiency of greater than 27.5%. Dr. Sharps has also been involved in transitioning the technology into commercial products. Dr. Sharps won an R&D 100 award in 2008 (Along with Dr. Mark Wanlass from NREL) for development of the IMM cell. Dr. Sharps has 15 granted patents, with 3 more pending, and has over 100 technical presentations and papers. He has been on the organizing committee for the IEEE PVSC for the past 8 years. In late 2014 Emcore Photovoltaics became SolAero Technologies Corporation.


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