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Many ARPA-E-funded universities and research institutions have created start-up companies to further catalyze their next-generation technologies. Ambri and BlackPak are two examples of ARPA-E projects that were spun out by other institutions—Massachusetts Institute of Technology and SRI International, respectively—in an effort to get their technologies out of the lab and into the market quickly.

The story of an ARPA-E awardee doesn’t necessarily end when ARPA-E funding runs out. Two ARPA-E awardees—Eagle Picher Technologies and Baldor Electric Company—have developed technologies to the point where internal stakeholders of their respective companies committed additional funds to help these technologies achieve success in the market.

Strong strategic partnerships can be the difference between those technologies that only achieve success in the lab and those that actually break into the marketplace. Two ARPA-E awardees—AutoGrid and APEI—have forged strategic partnerships that have positioned their technologies to achieve major success in the market.

February 3, 2015

Featuring ARPA-E Senior Commercialization Advisor, Dr. John R. Tuttle, this edition of ARPA-E University contains helpful advice for technologists looking to pitch their game-changing innovations to potential investors.

October 14, 2014

This webinar delves into the current debate on attracting and keeping women in STEM careers. The ARPA-E Women in Energy Series seeks to utilize ARPA-E’s convening influence to engage women researchers and technologists working in the energy industry and provide them with a forum to discuss career-development successes and challenges. It also aims to facilitate relationships between women scientists that can spur technological innovations and help move promising technologies to market.


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