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Webinars & Videos

Deploying new technologies in the energy industry requires an understanding of technical, market, and policy risks. This edition of ARPA-E University features Rob Barnett of Bloomberg Government who will explore current policy trends and their impact on the energy industry.

Deborah Jelen discusses Electricore's experience creating successful teams—consisting of private and public sector organizations of all sizes—that have successfully partnered with DOD.

Listen to this recorded Q&A session with ARPA-E Program Director Dr. Ilan Gur to learn more about how ARPA-E is changing the way we think about battery management.

Dr. Karina Edmonds reviews the impact of the America Invents Act on licensing, what to expect in a license agreement and their typical monetary terms, and how to meet the licensing needs of start-ups and academics.

An overview presentation about ARPA-E's AMPED program. AMPED projects seek to develop advanced sensing, control, and power management technologies that redefine the way we think about battery management.


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