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Converting Solid Waste to Energy-Intensive Materials Workshop

Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott
Newark, NJ
November 7-8, 2019

ARPA-E is interested in technical pathways towards improving the economics of waste-to-materials & energy technologies. One area of interest is the production of valuable ash with consistent chemical properties from incineration of mixed municipal solid waste. Another interest deals with technologies and approaches that enable Artificial Intelligence (AI) to characterize, classify and predict MSW streams from source to facility.

The workshop will convene leading experts in waste-to-energy, combustion, pyrolysis, and cement to identify technology approaches capable of significantly improving the consistency and value of ash from municipal solid waste incineration through pre- and post-combustion analytics, pre-combustion additives, combustion conditions, and ash processing. Participants will lend their expertise to help set technical and cost targets in the framework of LCA and LCC methodologies that will help us define a successful research program and explore possible technology pathways.

Targeted outcomes include:

  • Identification of novel waste-to-energy technology pathways;
  • Identification of data gaps and boundaries for LCA/LCC assessments;
  • Identification of candidate materials to be used as pre-combustion additives;
  • Identification of MSW separation limitations and potential technical pathways to overcome these limitations;
  • Identification of innovative pathways to produce valuable co-products at WTE plants;
  • Identification of other innovative technologies that meet the performance objectives; and
  • Identification of new markets for co-products from WTE plants.

Attendance at ARPA-E workshops is by invitation. If you would like to recommend another participant, please forward their contact information and a brief statement of their qualifications to Dora Lopez at

This event is closed to the media.