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FOCUS Progress Update - Gas Technology Institute's Double-Reflector Hybrid Solar Energy System

Significant progress has been made on developing the particle heat capture, transport and storage concept, the back-reflecting gallium arsenide cells and the hybrid solar converter. Tests carried out on a tube representing a full scale solar receiver have demonstrated the ability of the selected solid particles to effectively absorb and transport heat while maintaining stable pressure drop and thermal absorption levels for well over a thousand heating and cooling cycles. In a parallel effort, suitable gallium arsenide cell prototypes have been manufactured and tested at elevated temperatures and radiation levels over a one week period showing stable performance and negligible physical degradation. Additionally, a 1 m long section of a full scale hybrid solar collector has been designed and fabricated together with a high temperature test loop for on-sun testing of the solar converter, and techno-economic analysis of a full scale hybrid solar system has also been completed. 

During the next quarter, the team expects to complete testing of the particle heat storage concept and the hybrid solar collector, update the techno-economic analysis, and secure interested industrial end user for its full scale field demonstration.    

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