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FOCUS Progress Update - Sharp Lab's Partially Transmitting Mirror

  1. Finished optical modeling of the whole hybrid trough system.  First round of System specifications are determined.
  2. Finished mechanical design and FEA of hybrid trough collector and dichroic mirror attachment.
  3. Designed and fabricated dichroic thin film to the specification.
  4. A full secondary concentrating lens unit is fabricated and tested.  Results proved optical simulation results.
  5. Established a comprehensive system power model based on dichroic band, CPV types, and bandgap selection. System overall exergy peak output is greater than 37%.  Designed and fabricated special 2J CPV cells and cell cards for the project.  Planned higher risk research tasks for CPV design and concentration lens configuration.
  6. Finished passive and active thermal management design, simulation. Results indicate that the CPV cell temperature can be well controlled below 70C during normal operation.
  7. A TEA model is under construction.

Progress Updates
May 2015 Progress Update 

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