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FOCUS Progress Update - University of Tulsa's Liquid Filter with Plasmonic Nanoparticles

Currently the project is undergoing detailed design of the liquid filter receiver, including the necessary thermal packaging to achieve high efficiency with the current Cogenra platform. An optimized mix of nanoparticles has been selected, a combination of gold and semiconducting nanoparticles, maximize infrared absorption and visible transmission. Additionally synthesis methods for these nanoparticles have been established and used to fabricate suspensions for characterization. In the near term we plan to complete the thermal packaging design focused on maximizing exergy and percent of exergy that can be stored as heat.

Specifically we are looking at the role different heat transfer minimization strategies have on the overall device performance, ranging from low-E optical coatings to low thermal conductivity transparent insulation materials. Further, we are developing new stabilization routes to ensure particle stability at temperatures up to 300 C within the working heat transfer fluid. The team is also working to integrate the higher efficiency GaAs cell into the Cogenra platform. We also plan to install the Cogenra T-14 hybrid solar energy system on the University of Tulsa campus to serve as the working platform for demonstrating on-sun performance.

Progress Updates
May 2015 Progress Update 

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