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University of Vermont (UVM)
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05/25/2016 to 05/24/2021
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The University of Vermont (UVM) will develop and test a new approach for demand-side management called packetized energy management (PEM) that builds on approaches used to manage data packets in communication networks without centralized control and with a high level of privacy. The PEM system will allow millions of small end-use devices to cooperatively balance energy supply and demand in real time without jeopardizing the reliability of the grid or the quality of service to consumers. The project will develop the PEM method to optimally manage the rapid fluctuations that come with large amounts of renewable power generation, while simultaneously managing reliability constraints in the bulk transmission and local distribution infrastructure. To ensure UVM's PEM methods are effective, the integrated system will undergo extensive simulation testing with large-scale hardware implementation for the bulk power grid and an industry-scale micro-grid environments.