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REFUEL Kickoff Meeting

Renewable Energy to Fuels through Utilization of Energy-Dense Liquids (REFUEL) Kickoff Meeting
August 17-18, 2017
Denver, CO

DAY 1: Thursday, August 17th 

8:00 AM Welcome from ARPA-E Leadership
Pat McGrath, ARPA-E

8:15 AM The context and vision of the REFUEL program
Grigorii Soloveichik, ARPA-E

8:35 AM Ammonia market analysis  
Norm Olson, NH3 fuel association

8:55 AM PANEL: NH3 production 
Moderator: Steve Wittrig, Clean Air Task Force
Ermanno Filippi, CTO, Casale SA
Ellie Simon, Siemens
Mike Reese, UMN

9:45 AM Nitrogen and CO2 activation mechanism and guidance for catalyst development
Bin Liu, Kansas State University

10:25 AM EERE overview
Sunita Satyapal, DOE Fuel Cell Technology Office

10:40 AM Catalytic processes scaling: decentralized vs large scale plant designs
Dane Boysen, Cyclotron Road 

11:00 AM Membrane scalability – manufacturing challenges
Kaaeid Lokhandwala, Membrane Technology and Research, Inc.

11:20 AM Awardee presentations - group A

1:00 PM Life cycle analysis of carbon neutral liquid fuels
Greg Vezina, Hydrofuel Inc.

1:30 PM CO2 to Fuels
Xiao-Dong Zhou, U South Carolina

1:55 PM PANEL: H2 refueling infrastructure: status and path to wider penetration
Moderator: Joel Rinebold, CCAT 
Minish Shah, Praxair
Lauren Skiver, Sunline Transit
Kathy Ayers, Proton Onsite

3:05 PM Awardee presentations - group B

3:55 PM Poster Session – Denver Ballroom 

Awardee Presentation Schedule – Group A
1. Research Triangle Institute | Innovative Renewable Energy-based Catalytic Ammonia Production
2. University of Minnesota | Twin Cities | Small Scale Ammonia Synthesis Using Stranded Wind Energy
3. West Virginia University | Renewable Energy to Fuels Through Plasma Catalytic Synthesis of Ammonia
4. Colorado School of Mines | Low Cost Membrane Reactor Synthesis of Ammonia at Moderate Conditions
5. Starfire Energy | Ammonia Synthesis for Fuel, Energy Storage, and Agriculture Applications
6. Giner, Inc. |  High-Efficiency Ammonia Production from Water and Nitrogen
7. Wichita State University | Alkaline membrane-based ammonia electrosynthesis with high efficiency for renewable and scalable liquid-fuel production
8. Molecule Works, Inc. | Novel electrochemical membrane reactor for synthesis of NH3 from air and water at low temperature and low pressure
9. Storagenergy Technologies, Inc. |  High Rate Ammonia Synthesis by Intermediate Temperature Solid-State Alkaline Electrolyzer (ITSAE)
10. Ceramatec |  Electrochemical Ammonia Synthesis for Grid Scale Energy Storage
11. FuelCell Energy, Inc. | Protonic Ceramics for Energy Storage and Electricity Generation with Ammonia

Awardee Presentation Schedule – Group B
1. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute | A Novel Hollow Fiber Membrane Reactor for High Purity H2 Generation from Thermal Catalytic NH Decomposition
2. University of Delaware | Direct Ammonia Fuel Cells for Transport Applications
3. Chemtronergy | Cost-effective, Intermediate-temperature Fuel Cell for Carbon-free Power Generation
4. SAFCell, Inc. | Distributed Electrochemical Hydrogen Production and Compression from Carbon-Neutral Ammonia
5. Bettergy Corp. | Low Temperature Ammonia Cracking Membrane Reactor for Hydrogen Generation
6. Sustainable Innovations | Electricity From an Energy-Dense Carbon-Neutral Energy Carrier
7. Gas Technology Institute | A Novel Catalytic Membrane Reactor for DME Synthesis from Renewable Resources
8. OPUS 12, Inc. | Renewable electricity-powered carbon dioxide conversion to ethanol for storage and transportation
9. Dioxide Materials | High Efficiency Alkaline Water Electrolyzers for Grid Scale Energy Storage
10. Proton Energy Systems | Dual Mode Energy Conversion and Storage Flow Battery
11. Pajarito Powder, LLC | Precious Metal Free Regenerative Hydrogen Electrode

Day 2: Friday, August 18th 

8:00 AM Welcome – Program Management
Grigorii Soloveichik, ARPA-E

8:15 AM The need for long-duration energy storage 
Paul Denholm, NREL

8:35 AM Power to Gas (P2G) strategy
Jeff Reed, Sempra

8:45 AM Panel: Energy Storage Value proposition 
Moderator: Kevin Hernandez, ScottMadden 
Noah Meeks, Southern Company 
Matt Gregori, SoCalGas 
Kenneth Ragsdale, ERCOT

9:35 AM Panel: Fuel Cells fueled by alternative fuels 
Moderator: Eric Miller, DOE Fuel Cell Technology Office
Motohisa Kamijo, Nissan
James Grieve, MicroEra Power 
Deryn Chu, ARL

10:45 AM T2M at ARPA-E – Introduction
Ryan Umstattd, ARPA-E

10:50 T2M – Overview
Sue Babinec, ARPA-E

11:05 AM T2M – TEA 
Madhav Acharya, ARPA-E

11:15 AM Strategy for commercialization 
Ron DiFelice, EIP

11:25 AM PANEL: Investment in chemical energy storage/VC perspective 35 min
Moderator: Madhav Acharya
Eric Toone, Breakthrough Energy Ventures
Mike Biddle, Evok

12:00 PM Adjourn