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Low Temperature Methane Conversion Through Impacting Common Alloy Catalysts

Space Orbital Services

Low Temperature Methane Conversion Through Impacting Common Alloy Catalysts

ARPA-E Award: 
Morgan Hill, CA
Project Term: 
08/01/2014 to 12/31/2015
Project Status: 
Technical Categories: 
Critical Need: 

Many chemical reactions require rapid heating and quenching and/or precious metal catalysts in order to achieve a desirable rate of reaction. Rapid heating and quenching is thermally inefficient and precious metal is undesirable because of its high cost and because it's periodic regeneration consumes oxygen and/or hydrogen. Alternatives to rapid heating-quenching processes and to precious metal catalysts could therefore create the potential for a significant reduction in national energy consumption and a reduced reliance on material acquisition from foreign entities.

Project Innovation + Advantages: 

Space Orbital Services, in conjunction with SRI International, proposes to conduct laboratory-based, small-scale research to develop a methane conversion technology that employs unconventional chemistry at relatively low temperature, based on impacting a common alloy catalyst. The project uses laboratory experiments to establish, measure and refine operational parameters including conversion rates and efficiency, reaction products, and reactor design.

Potential Impact: 
ARPA-E Program Director: 
Dr. Patrick McGrath
Project Contact: 
Dr. Ronald Clark
SRI International
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