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Electric Motors for Aviation

Crystal Gateway Marriott

Arlington, VA

August 8, 2019

This event will convene leading experts in electric motors, power electronics, thermal transport, advanced materials and manufacturing, and hybrid/electric aviation to identify innovative research paths forward for the development of disruptive technologies in electric propulsion that can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of commercial aviation while improving its economic viability and competitiveness.

More specifically, ARPA-E is envisioning a potential program that will develop very high specific power and high efficiency electric motors to spur the decarbonization and electrification of narrow-body aircraft. The envisioned next generation electric motor will take advantage of recent advancements in thermal and electromagnetic co-design, materials, manufacturing techniques, and packaging.

Participants will lend their expertise to help set energy efficiency, power density, and relevant operational targets that will define a successful and impactful research program and explore possible technology pathways. ARPA-E’s areas of interest and targeted outcomes include: 

  • Identification of innovative opportunities for co-designs involving electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical strategies that can provide multi-fold improvements in power density and other relevant key enabling technology metrics for electric motors;
  • Identification of innovative manufacturing technologies that can maintain high efficiency, high specific power for electric motors, among other benefits;
  • Identification of innovative solutions for integrated motors and power electronics drives;
  • Identification of performance targets for critical components such as insulation materials and working fluids;
  • Identification of other innovative technologies that meet the performance objectives for electric propulsion for aviation applications.

The meeting's output will help direct the actions of ARPA-E towards the most promising and appropriate high risk, high return R&D funding opportunities and management strategies. Interested participants may apply to the workshop by sending an email to (link sends e-mail) stating your interest in attending along with the requested information: a) your resume including a description of your expertise in the topic and b) a brief statement on what you see as the key challenges and opportunities facing the topic. Please note there is an attendance fee to defray workshop costs.

This event is closed to the media.