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Extremely Durable Cementitious Materials

Extremely Durable Cementitious Materials
April 10-11, 2018
Dallas, TX

ARPA-E will host a workshop entitled “Extremely Durable Cementitious Materials” on April 10-11, 2018 in the Dallas, Texas area.  

The workshop will convene leading experts in cementitious material development, manufacturing, distribution, and end-use to identify innovation which significantly improves concrete durability, lowers its energy footprint, and results in next-generation, cost-effective materials to address our current infrastructure challenges. Participants will lend their expertise to help ARPA-E explore innovative technologies to determine relevant and compelling metrics that will define a successful research program. 

ARPA-E is interested in cementitious material chemistries, including cements and aggregates that reduce manufacturing energy requirements and improve the durability of concrete, while utilizing existing production equipment and manufacturing facilities. Potential approaches and targeted outcomes include, but are not limited to:

•  Novel cement compositions, process enhancements, and additives that would result in significantly lower energy requirements or improve durability
•  Novel methods to generate or accelerate formation of calcium-aluminum-silicate-hydrate (C-A-S-H), Al-tobermorite, strätlingite, and/or phillipsite, including partial aggregate assimilation
•  Approaches to lower kiln reaction requirements, such as low or no alite and celite
•  Novel biotic approaches to micro-crack mitigation, such as acceleration of the pozzolanic reaction, partial aggregate dissolution, and deposition of calcite and other cementitious minerals
•  Novel chemistries or manufacturing approaches that would result in reduced set time while also improving concrete toughness and durability
  Other potentially transformative cement technology concepts
•  Identification of supply, manufacturing, domestic regulatory, and end-use concerns or restrictions

If you are interested in participating in the workshop, you may apply to attend by sending an email to stating your interest in attending along with the following information:

1. Your CV or resume including a description of your expertise in the topic;
2. A brief statement describing your perspective on the key challenges and opportunities related to the workshop topic.

Please title the subject of your email entitled “Cement Workshop.”

Registration instructions will be sent to potential attendees who have provided complete information and as space permits. Advance registration is required for entry to the workshop. Participation in the workshop is voluntary; travel costs for workshop participants are not subsidized by ARPA-E and a fee is charged to each participant to defray the cost of the workshop.

Proceedings from the meeting will be summarized in a report that will be available on the ARPA-E public website. 

This event is closed to the media.