Dr. Christina Chang


Dr. Christina Chang currently serves as an ARPA-E Fellow. Her interests focus on new chemistry for sustainable manufacturing, including advanced materials, renewable fuels, and waste-to-resource technologies.

Dr. Chang received her Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Harvard University under the direction of Prof. Roy Gordon. Dr. Chang’s dissertation focused on the development of chemical vapor deposition methods to fabricate semiconductor thin films and dielectric coatings for applications in flexible microelectronics and photovoltaics. Prior to joining ARPA-E, Dr. Chang incubated a metallurgy startup at Harvard Innovation Labs via the university’s Venture Incubation Program.

Dr. Chang holds five degrees. Prior to her Ph.D. and M.A. in Chemistry from Harvard, she was a Marshall Scholar at the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London, where she received her M.Phil. in Chemistry and M.Sc. in Sustainable Energy Futures, respectively. She earned her A.B. in Chemistry from Princeton University in 2012, with certificates in Applications of Computing, Engineering Biology, and Materials Science. Dr. Chang’s research has generated one patent issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.