“The only problem with this job is figuring out a next step that can possibly measure up to it.”

Dr. Ashwin Salvi, ARPA-E Fellow 2013 – 2015

The ARPA-E Fellows Program has existed since the start of the agency as a means to seed innovation and creativity in the design of transformational energy technologies. At ARPA-E, Fellows are tasked with generating new ideas and connecting with leading experts to create cross-disciplinary solutions to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy imports, and reduce emissions. ARPA-E Fellows are advanced degree holders who apply an academic, corporate, or entrepreneurial background to guide program creation, agency strategy, and outreach.

What makes a successful Fellow?

ARPA-E works in diverse areas and requires equally diverse talent. Ph.D. graduates and Master’s degree holders with significant work experience are well equipped to leverage their training and experiences to make an impact at ARPA-E.

Strong candidates demonstrate: 

• Strategic vision to pave uncharted territory and ideate creative, cross-disciplinary technical programs.
• Technical leadership in your field and the ability to leverage your problem solving skills to become a leader in new technical areas.
• Ability to inspire experts within ARPA-E and various academic, corporate, and regulatory leaders in the external energy ecosystem. 
• Dedication to public service through spending two years with passionate experts committed to advancing our country’s leadership in energy technology.

What does an ARPA-E Fellow do?

During a two-year tenure, ARPA-E Fellows influence the direction of American energy innovation, engaging with world-class researchers in academia and industry, entrepreneurs, and government officials. Examples of ARPA-E Fellows’ responsibilities include: 

• Development of technical initiatives - perform technical and economic analyses to identify new program opportunities; distill information from experts in diverse fields.
• Existing program support - develop content for workshops; visit teams onsite to guide technical development; review technical proposals.
• Agency strategy and visioning - develop content for annual ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit; build new internal and external initiatives (e.g. creation of ARPA-E Student Summit, leadership of annual strategic retreat); represent ARPA-E at conferences and workshops.

ARPA-E provides Fellows with:

• Exposure to and a deep understanding of a diverse range of innovative technologies. 
• Engagement with leading technical experts and innovators.
• Contextualization of technical innovation within a highly market-driven economy.
• Leadership opportunities to design new technical initiatives.

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