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Who is an ARPA-E Program Director?​

ARPA-E Program Directors want to change the world. If that describes you, apply here to join us!

ARPA-E’s mission is to accelerate a sustainable energy future through the development of groundbreaking technologies that support its energy and emissions focused mission. Leading the charge are our Program Directors (PDs)—who are energy visionaries with the experience, passion, and skill to transform the energy landscape as we know it. During their ARPA-E terms, Program Directors have access to the resources and support required to tackle the big problems in new ways—perhaps creating a chain reaction that alters the world.

Who Should Be a Program Director?

By design, ARPA-E Program Directors don’t fit a template. We want the creative thinkers, inventive problem solvers, and get-your-hands-dirty doers with the vision to see problems, the expertise to conceive solutions, and the willpower to foster their development through to success—or failure. Program Directors must be able, and willing, to be visionaries, coaches, CEOs, and adventurers— occasionally all at once.

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Where Are They Now?

By design, ARPA-E Program Directors serve limited terms to ensure a steady flow of new ideas and new thinking into the agency. Following their term at ARPA-E, our Program Directors go on to take positions throughout the energy innovation space.

ARPA-E Program Directors Where Are They Now?