#WomeninSTEM: Stepping Stones from One Career to Another

Meet Cheryl Martin, Acting Director of the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Energy (ARPA-E) and the latest profile in the Energy Department’s #WomenInSTEM video series. Her work focuses on catalyzing the advancement of transformational energy technologies that will allow the United States to stay at the cutting edge of technological innovation.

Behind-the-Scenes with REBELS Program Director, Dr. John Lemmon

Dr. John Lemmon discusses the launch of ARPA-E’s new Reliable Electricity Based on Electrochemical Systems (REBELS) program and why it’s important to develop transformational fuel cell technologies for low-cost distributed power generation. 

Q&A with SWITCHES Program Director, Dr. Timothy Heidel

Dr. Timothy Heidel discusses the SWITCHES program and its mission to develop next-generation power switching devices that could dramatically improve energy efficiency across a wide range of applications.

Q&A with METALS Program Director, Dr. James Klausner

Learn where Dr. James Klausner is now as he looks back on his experiences at ARPA-E as a Program Director.

Q&A with REMOTE Program Director, Dr. Ramon Gonzalez

Dr. Ramon Gonzalez of ARPA-E discusses the REMOTE program and its innovative approach to methane conversion.

Q&A with RANGE Program Director, Dr. Ping Liu

Dr. Ping Liu of ARPA-E discusses the RANGE program and its innovative approach to energy storage for electric vehicles.