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Visit the 2022 Summit playlist on ARPA-E's YouTube page to view main stage keynotes and fast pitches from the 2022 ARPA-E Summit, featured awardee spotlight videos, footage from past Summits, and much more.

A Preview of the 2022 Keynotes

2022 ARPA-E Summit Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm

“The most groundbreaking ideas, the stuff with the biggest impact, that’s you all…From my front row seat in what I call America’s Solutions Department – which is the Department of Energy – because of its 17 national laboratories, because of the incredible talent of our workforce, and because we have all these mechanisms to partner with the private sector including the incredible work at ARPA-E, I just am feeling really good...” – U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm

“We wouldn’t be at an ARPA-E conference without knowing there’s a lot of entrepreneurs, maybe starting entrepreneurs, who are eager to find themselves in your shoes in a few years… If you could give young you a couple of pieces of advice about starting out, what would that be?” – U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm in a Fireside Chat with Beth Zotter, CEO and Co-Founder of UMARO Foods, and Colin Wessells, CEO of Natron Energy

2022 ARPA-E Summit Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm Beth Zotter Colin Wessells
2022 ARPA-E Summit Pete Buttigieg

“The clean energy and transportation future that we’ve longed hoped for and worked toward must also become a reality right away. The battle against climate change will require forms and scales of human cooperation not seen before, and part of that is to create new patterns of cooperation across disciplines like transportation technology and energy development.” –
U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg

“This Summit is a true reflection of how leaders like you work together to turn a good idea into new technology and a scaled-up solution and, in my view, the work you're doing to innovation and push the boundaries of energy research is central to helping our country and the world reach climate goals,“
– U.S. Senator Michael Bennet

2022 ARPA-E Summit Michael Bennet
2022 ARPA-E Summit John Hickenlooper

"The work done at ARPA-E is the first step in bringing new and important scientific innovation to life, by investing in bold and creative ideas and by bringing the science beyond the research bench, out into the real world,"
U.S. Senator John Hickenlooper

“Energy is a national security issue…If we don’t effectively deal with energy, that is an enormous vulnerability vis a vis our adversaries. It used to be the case that we thought of the frontline of national security, the frontline of battles as some far away distance place, but now our front line is every computer terminal, every plug, and whether or not we have energy resilience and reliability at our installations. – U.S. Representative Jason Crow

2022 ARPA-E Summit Jason Crow
2022 ARPA-E Summit Jenny Gerbi

“We need more high risk, high reward options out there because we don't know what the future is going to hold. This is why we don't ‘pick winners.’ We provide options. We fill gaps. We try to do things in a disruptive way, and we have the freedom to do them right.” – ARPA-E Acting Director Dr. Jennifer Gerbi

“75% of emissions come from the energy sector. So, being able to address climate change isn’t just something we need to do because we’re a big part of it. We are THE big part of it,” – Dr. Danielle Merfeld, GE Renewable Energy VP & CTO

2022 ARPA-E Summit Danielle Merfeld
2022 ARPA-E Summit Doreen Harris Andrew Lund

"The path to decarbonization requires us to act today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and beyond...“ – A fireside chat, Hydrogen: Fuel for Today and the Future, with Doreen Harris, President and CEO of NYSERDA, and Andrew Lund, Chief Engineer of Zero Emission Vehicles at Toyota Motor NA

“In terms of startups, individual inventors… if you get protection, if you get patents, your access to funding is higher, you’re more likely to go public, and you’re less likely to go bankrupt,” – The Honorable Kathi Vidal, Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, during a fireside chat with Dr. Suresh Sunderrajan, Associate Laboratory Director at Argonne National Laboratory on Intellectual Property Mythbusting

2022 ARPA-E Summit Kathi Vidal Suresh Sunderrajan
2022 ARPA-E Summit Michael Terrell Katherine Hamilton

"We need to empower customers. We need to give those customers, companies like Google or others, who want to be 100% carbon free sooner rather than later, a path for doing that,” – Michael Terrell, Senior Director for Climate of Google, during his fireside chat on reaching 24/7 carbon-fee energy with Katherine Hamilton, Chair of 38 North Solutions

"What we're going to have happening over the next couple of years, at least, is two countervailing forces… the question is: what happens to the climate tech sector? Does it remain more resilient because of that countervailing force or is it just subject to the same whims of the market?”– Shayle Kann, Partner at Energy Impact Partners, during a fireside chat with Saloni Multani, Co-Head at Galvanize Climate Solutions Innovation & Expansion Strategy

2022 ARPA-E Summit Shayle Kann Saloni Multani
2022 ARPA-E Summit Mainstage Panel Kelly Cummins

“It’s a really exciting time at the Department of Energy. I think a lot of you know that the department received about $62 billion of funding in the infrastructure bill, and that’s the biggest change to the department since 1977, so really a fun time to be there. This funding more than triples our R&D funding spending in these areas and it creates all new demonstration and deployment programs,” – Kelly Cummins, Acting Director & Principal Deputy Director of DOE Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations on a panel, DOE Innovation Funding From the Lab to the Market

"We benefitted greatly from the creative and innovative thinking that takes place at summits like this...“ - Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock

2022 ARPA-E Summit Michael B. Hancock
2022 ARPA-E Summit David Horsup

“The good news is that the investment coming into climate tech has increased significantly in the last few years. A dramatic increase into investment into climate tech… In just the first quarter of this year... there is almost 12 billion dollars’ worth of investment gone into climate technology,” - Dr. David Horsup, Managing Director Technology from OGCI Climate Investments