Efficient Small Engines for Combined Heat and Power Workshop

ARPA-E held a workshop on "Efficient Small Engines for Combined Heat and Power" from Wednesday, May 28 to Thursday, May 29 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont, IL.

The workshop convened experts in combustion systems, solid-state heat engines, and waste heat recovery and utilization technologies to identify innovative research paths leading to the development of devices that can provide electricity, heating, and cooling in a combined system in the 500 watt to 20 kilowatt range. Participants lent their expertise to discuss energy efficiency and cost targets that might define a successful research program. Market deployment factors such as cost reducing manufacturing approaches and non-technical market factors that systems must address (such as the utility interface) were also items of interest.

Approximately 50-60 experts from academia, national/federal labs, and industry participated. Information gained from the workshop will assist ARPA-E leadership in the development of potential programs and funding opportunities which target key technological roadblocks relevant to the ARPA-E mission. Proceedings from the meeting are summarized below.

Agenda: Wednesday, May 28th – Thursday, May 29th

Day 1: Morning Session

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Eric Rohlfing, ARPA-E

CHP Background & Workshop Objectives


Expanded Use of CHP for Homes & Small Businesses

Bill Liss, Gas Technology Institute

Small Mechanical Engine Challenges

Fred Schauer, Air Force Research Laboratory

Thermoelectrics Overview

Dmitri Kossakovski, Gentherm

Day 1: Afternoon Session

Mechanical & Solid-State Engine Mini-Pitches

Brian Hubert, MTPV

Carl Bielenberg, Gazogen

Dave Kalensky, Yanmar

Joel Hensley, PSI

Joshua Smith, ARL

Kevin Lu, Pyro-E

Len Louthan, Liquid Piston

Maury White, Infinia

Michael Andrie, Engine Research Center

Michael Kass, ORNL

Oded Tour, Tour Engine

Robert Keolian, Penn State

Rory Keogh, Metis Design

Scott Hunter, ORNL

Sean Garner, PARC

Himanshu Pokharna, Sheetak

Shekar Balogopal, Ceramatec

Sotirios Mamalis, Stony Brook

Thomas Radcliff, UTRC

Zoran Filipi, Clemson

Case Study: Marathon

Mike Cocking, Marathon Engine Systems

Day 2: Morning Session

Utility Perspective on DG/CHP

David Berokoff, Southern California Gas Company

Overview of Heat Storage & Utilization

Ravi Prasher, Sheetak


To ensure a diverse group of perspectives and a fruitful discussion, participation in the workshop was by invitation. 

This workshop was closed to the media.