Electrical Energy Storage for Vehicles Workshop

ARPA-E and the Department of Energy's Office of Vehicle Technologies held a workshop on the topic of energy storage for vehicles on November 3, 2009 in Arlington, VA.

This workshop served as an opportunity for ARPA-E leadership to engage with leading experts to obtain insight on vehicle energy storage technology areas that are ripe for and in strong need of transformational technology development. ARPA-E will use this information to shape the scope and focus of potential future programs in energy storage technology for vehicles.

Proceedings from the workshop are summarized below.

View the Electrical Energy Storage for Vehicles Summary Report (pdf). 

Speakers and Presentations: 1. David Danielson, ARPA-E  “ARPA-E Background and Workshop Introduction” 2. Ted Miller, Ford Motor Company “Electrical Energy Storage for Vehicles: Targets and Metrics” (pdf) 3. David Howell, Department of Energy – Office of Vehicle Technologies “U.S. Department of Energy Office of Vehicle Technologies: Electrochemical Energy Storage” (pdf)   Breakout Sessions:

During the workshop, participants broke into two sets of breakout sessions comprising four topical group discussions per breakout session. The first set of breakout sessions focused on exploring the limits of lithium-ion intercalation based batteries, advanced non-lithium based intercalation battery approaches, Li-metal batteries, Li-S batteries, and Li-air battery approaches, respectively. The second set of breakout session focused on non-lithium based metal-air batteries, liquid metal based batteries, novel battery architectures and manufacturing processes, and advanced battery components and packaging, respectively. Following the breakout sessions, each group made a short set of summary slides of what they discussed. The breakout session results are contained within the Electrical Energy Storage for Vehicles Summary Report.