Electrofuels Program Meeting & Workshop

ARPA-E held a workshop entitled “Electrofuels Program Meeting & Workshop,” on Monday, December 10, 2012, in Houston, TX.

This workshop convened technical and market experts for the discussion and exploration of transformative technologies for scaling chemoautotrophic biofuel production. The purpose of the event was to convene current ARPA-E “Electrofuels” performers, as well as other technical and market experts, to report out and share information. Representative outcomes from the workshop include:

  • Refined understanding of the most critical and economically important technical challenges to scaling chemoautotrophic microorganisms for fuel production;
  • Prioritization of technologies necessary for cost-competitive chemoautotrophic fuel production;
  • Data and/or working knowledge to validate or refute ARPA-E’s technology performance parameters as defined by techno-economic analysis;
  • Representative examples of technologies potentially capable of addressing ARPA-E technology performance parameters; and
  • Networking and community building among Electrofuels performers and broader scientific and engineering community to potentially build teams capable of addressing engineering and technologies for strong techno-economic performance.

View the Workshop Agenda (pdf).

Presentations: Electrofuels Workshop Introduction & Context (pdf): Eric Toone
Agenda Description (pdf): Ramon Gonzalez
Electrochemical Production of Chemicals (pdf): Narasi Sridhar
Electrochemical Perspective & Breakout Charge (pdf): Ramon Gonzalez