Green Electricity Network Generation Workshop

ARPA-E hosted an event in its series of public workshops - "Green Electricity Network Generation" on Decemeber 13, 2010 in Arlington, VA. This workshop addressed the challenges and opportunities with incorporating renewable energy sources into the nation's power grid. The goal of the workshop was to develop new ideas and identify the most promising R&D pathway to better accommodate the alternatives to traditional electricity generation and the use of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles while improving the reliability, controllability, and performance of the power grid. 

The workshop's primary objectives included:

  • Identify the most challenging technological barriers to connecting renewable energy sources and electric vehicles to the power grid and promising R&D paths to meet such challenges; 
  • Explore opportunities in grid control for a highly dynamic future grid; and 
  • Develop a realistic set of quantifiable metrics for evaluating progress towards these goals and assessing R&D success.

View the full agenda (pdf). Proceedings from the meeting are summarized below.

Speakers and Presentations:

1. Grid Operation with High Penetration of Renewables (pdf) - Dr. Terry Oliver, Bonneville Power Administration

2. Advanced Technologies for Grid Operation (pdf) - Dr. Huber (in absentia), Atlantic Grid Development, LLC

3. Advanced Technologies for Grid Operation (pdf) - Dr. Mohammed El-Gasseir, Atlantic Grid Development, LLC

4. Investing in the Electricity Grid (pdf) - Dr. Bill Parks, Office of Electricity & Energy Reliability & Barbara Kenny, National Science Foundation

5. Presentation on Emerging Technologies (pdf) - Dr. Le Tang, The ABB Group

6. Presentation on Emerging Technologies (pdf) - Dr. Leo Casey, Satcon

7. Presentation on Emerging Technologies (pdf) - Dr. Ravi Raju, GE Global Research


Breakout Session Presentations:

1. Optimal Power Flow (pdf) - Dr. Steven Low, California Institute of Technology: 

2. System Requirements in Support of Renewable Integration (pdf) - Dr. Marija Ilic, Carnegie Mellon University:

3. Western Wind and Solar Integration Study (pdf) - Dr. Debra Lew, National Renewable Energy Laboratory:


Morning Breakout Session Questions:

System Requirements and Performance Metrics – Group 1 (pdf)

System Requirements and Performance Metrics – Group 2 (pdf)

System Requirements and Performance Metrics – Group 3 (pdf)


Afternoon Breakout Session Questions:

Advanced Transmission Infrastructure (pdf)

Control Algorithms and Architectures (pdf)

Grid Interfaces: Control at the Edge (pdf)