Grid Scale Energy Storage Workshop

ARPA-E and the Department of Energy's Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability held a workshop on the topic of grid scale energy storage in Seattle, Washington. The workshop was held in conjunction with the Department of Energy-sponsored Electrical Energy Storage Applications and Technology Conference 2009 (EESAT 2009).

This workshop served as an opportunity for ARPA-E leadership to engage with leading experts to obtain insight on grid scale energy storage technology areas ripe for, and in strong need of, transformational technology development. The workshop proceedings are summarized below. View the full workshop agenda (pdf).

Speakers and Presentations: 1. Dr. David Danielson, Program Director, ARPA-E "Grid Scale Energy Storage Workshop" (pdf) 2. Imre Gyuk, Program Director, DOE Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability "Grid Scale Energy Storage: Applications and Technologies" (pdf)   Breakout Sessions: During the workshop, participants broke into four groups, first to discuss energy storage strategies (for hours/diurnal timeframes), including 1.) compressed air energy storage (CAES), 2.) bulk electrochemical storage (liquid metal, flow batteries, metal-air, etc.), 3.) advanced batteries (advanced lithium-ion/nickel-cadmium/lead acid/lead-carbon/beyond Li-ion), 4.) Other Approaches (underground pumped hydro/chemical storage), and 5.) power conditioning systems and balance of plant. The second breakout session highlighted power storage strategies (for the second to minutes timeframe), including 1.) bulk electrochemical storage, 2.) advanced batteries, 3.) ultracapacitors/SMES, and 4.) Flywheels and other power-focused storage applications. Following the breakout sessions, each group make a short summary slide of what they discussed. The breakout session results are contained within the Grid Scale Energy Storage Workshop Summary Report (pdf)