Natural Gas Vehicle Technologies Workshop

ARPA-E hosted an event in its public workshop series, “Natural Gas Vehicle Technologies,” on Thursday, January 26, 2012, in Houston, TX.

This workshop brought together thought leaders from distinct science, engineering, and commercial communities to collectively develop new ideas and identify key needs and potentially transformational technological approaches for enabling the direct use of natural gas in the transportation sector. The focus was identifying novel technology learning curves that have the potential to drastically cut the cost and complexity of natural gas vehicles and refueling infrastructure, in order to reduce U.S. petroleum imports via increased use of domestic natural gas.

Specifically, ARPA-E was interested in exploring opportunities to enable cheaper on-vehicle natural gas storage and natural gas refueling infrastructure, such as:

1.) Novel materials and processes that:

  • Enable lower pressure compressed natural gas (CNG) storage while maintaining high energy density
  • Reduce the cost, weight, and volume of high pressure CNG tanks

2.) Novel designs and processes that reduce cost and improve the performance of:

  • Natural gas vehicle fuel systems
  • Natural gas compressors
  • Natural gas distribution and vehicle refueling

The meeting proceedings are summarized below. View the full workshop agenda (pdf). 

Speakers and Presentations: 1. Eric Toone, Deputy Director of Technology, ARPA-E Welcome  2. Dane Boysen, Program Director, ARPA-E Workshop Introduction (pdf) 3. Nick Cizek and Robert Conrado, Fellows, ARPA-E Workshop Introduction (pdf) 4. Mike Gallagher, NPC Future Transportation Fuels Study Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel  5. Neel Sirosh, Quantum Technologies Compressed Natural Gas On-Board Storage (pdf) 6. Pedro Santos, OsComp The Paradigm Shift in Compression    Morning Breakout Sessions - Components: 1. Engines and Fuel Systems – Rusty Heffner and Dawson Cagle, ARPA-E  Questions (pdf) Report (pdf)   2. Compressors and Vehicle Refueling – Phil Larochelle and Dan Matuszak, ARPA-E  Questions (pdf) Report (pdf)    3. ANG, CNG and LNG Storage Tanks – Asegun Henry and Tim Heidel, ARPA-E  Questions (pdf) Report (pdf)   4. Sorbents for Natural Gas Vehicles – Karma Sawyer and Scott Litzelman, ARPA-E  Questions (pdf) Report (pdf)   Afternoon Breakout Sessions - Systems: 5. Passenger Natural Gas Vehicles – Karma Sawyer and Scott Litzelman, ARPA-E  Report (pdf)   6. Passenger Natural Gas Vehicle Retrofit – Rusty Heffner and Dawson Cagle, ARPA-E  Report (pdf)   7. Heavy-duty Natural Gas Vehicles – Asegun Henry and Tim Heidel, ARPA-E  Report (pdf)   8. Natural Gas Refueling Methods – Phil Larochelle and Dan Matuszak, ARPA-E Report (pdf)