Single-Pane Window Efficiency Workshop

ARPA-E held a workshop on “Single-Pane Window Efficiency” at The Hub’s CityView Conference Center in Philadelphia, PA from November 6-7, 2014.

This workshop addressed the technological, cost, and market barriers that impede efficiency improvements to single-pane windows. It brought together experts on windows and building envelopes, manufacturers of current low-cost technologies for improving single-pane windows, researchers working on advanced materials for window retrofits, and a representative group of the building owners and operators who make window retrofit decisions. The outcome of the workshop will be a roadmap of research and other actions to significantly increase the rate at which single-pane windows are being upgraded, and metrics to guide future research on the problem.

Proceedings from the workshop are included below:

Agenda: Thursday, Nov. 6th – Friday, Nov. 7th

Day 1: Afternoon Session

Welcome and Introduction to ARPA-E

Eric Rohlfing, ARPA-E

The Single Pane Window Opportunity

Eric Schiff, ARPA-E

Single Pane Windows: Improved and Unimproved

Stephen Selkowitz, LBNL

Day 2: Morning Session

The Use of Indoor Surface Low-E Coatings: The Implications Regarding Condensation Resistance

John Wright, University of Waterloo

Rating and Certification for Energy Performance for Windows and Window Attachments

Karma Sawyer, DOE

Breakout Sessions

“Categories, Risks, and Payback for Single Pane Window Retrofits,” “Technologies for Single Pane Window Retrofits,” and “Metrics”


To ensure a diverse group of participants and a fruitful discussion, participation in the workshop was by invitation.

This workshop was closed to the media.