Friday, March 5, 2021

We are excited to hold the first annual review meeting (virtual) for this FUSION Diagnostics mini-program.  Topics Informing New Program Areas is a “rolling” funding opportunity announcement (FOA) with new topics being continually added.  The FUSION mini-program, entitled “Diagnostic Resource Teams to Support the Validation of Potentially Transformative Fusion-Energy Concepts,” was the fourth topic, originally announced on Feb. 13, 2019. 

The purpose of the FUSION Diagnostics mini-program is to: 

  1. 1. Realize plasma diagnostic systems, especially more costly or complex systems, that can be transported to and shared among different fusion experiments; 

  1. 2. Enable high‐quality diagnostic measurements of plasma and fusion parameters on fusion concept‐exploration experiments supported by ARPA‐E; 

  1. 3. Leverage the plasma diagnostic expertise of the entire fusion R&D community to advance potentially transformative fusion‐concept research; 

  1. 4. Develop teams and experience to support a potential future expansion of diagnostic “capability teams” for fusion and private‐public partnerships (PPP) in general.  

Despite the delays and hardships suffered by all the project teams due to COVID-19, they have nevertheless all made great progress toward the design, assembly, and testing/calibration of their diagnostics, with one team already having deployed and all other teams expecting to be ready to deploy to fusion experiments in 2021 (COVID-permitting).  We will hear technical overviews and updates from all eight FUSION Diagnostic project PIs, as well as two bonus talks from PIs of diagnostic capability teams funded as part of other programs.  We will also explore/discuss ways to sustainably support these and other “capability teams” as part of expanding PPP programs for fusion-energy development. 

Start Time



12:30 PM

Meeting logistics

Ms. Nancy Hicks, Booz Allen Hamilton, Support Contractor to ARPA-E

12:35 PM

Leadership welcome

Dr. Jenny Gerbi, Acting Director, ARPA-E

12:40 PM

Introduction and goals

Dr. Scott Hsu, Program Director, ARPA-E

12:55 PM

Project technical overviews and updates

PIs – 5 projects, (10+2)-minute presentations

- Dr. Sam Cohen, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

- Dr. Calvin Domier, University of California, Davis

- Dr. Drew Elliott, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

- Dr. Clement Goyon, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

- Dr. Jonathan Davies, University of Rochester

Session Q&A/buffer (10 minutes)

2:05 PM

T2M Perspectives

Mr. Sam Wurzel, T2M Advisor, ARPA-E

2:15 PM



2:30 PM

Project technical overviews and updates

PIs – 5 projects, (10+2)-minute presentations

Dr. Drew Higginson, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

- Dr. Glen Wurden, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Prof. Paul Bellan, Caltech

- Dr. Luis Delgado-Aparicio*, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

- Dr. Elijah Martin*, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

*Bonus talks: Projects funded through other ARPA-E fusion programs.

Session Q&A/buffer (10 minutes)

3:40 PM

INFUSE Program perspective

Dr. Ahmed Diallo,

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, INFUSE Deputy Director (10+2)

3:52 PM



4:00 PM

Navigating IP Agreements with DOE National Laboratories

Mr. Geoff Goode, Deputy Chief Counsel, ARPA-E

Mr. Paul Gottlieb, Senior Advisor for IP, ARPA-E

(15 minutes presentation + 15 minutes Q&A)

4:30 PM

FIA perspective

Mr. Andrew Holland,

Executive Director, Fusion Industry Association (10+2)

4:42 PM

Open discussion/Q&A

All attendees

4:55 PM

Closing remarks

Dr. Scott Hsu, Program Director, ARPA-E

5:00 PM

Adjourn followed by virtual social (optional)

All attendees


ARPA-E Project Information



Project Title

Primary Recipient


Sam Cohen

A Portable Energy Diagnostic for Transformative ARPA-E Fusion Energy R&D

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

FUSION Diagnostics

Calvin Domier

(PI: Neville Luhmann)

Electron Density Profile Measurements Using USPR

University of California, Davis

FUSION Diagnostics

Drew Elliott

(PI: Theodore Biewer)

A portable diagnostic package for spectroscopic measurement of key plasma parameters in transformative fusion energy devices

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

FUSION Diagnostics

Clement Goyon

A Portable Optical Thomson Scattering System

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

FUSION Diagnostics

Jonathan Davies

LLE Diagnostic Resource Team for the Advancement of Innovative Fusion Concepts

University of Rochester

FUSION Diagnostics

Drew Higginson

Absolute Neutron Rate Measurement and Non-Thermal/Thermonuclear Fusion Differentiation

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

FUSION Diagnostics

Glen Wurden

Portable Soft X-ray Diagnostics for Transformative Fusion-Energy Concepts

Los Alamos National Laboratory

FUSION Diagnostics

Paul Bellan

X-ray Imaging and Assessment of Non-perturbing Magnetic Diagnostics for Intermediate-Density Fusion Experiments

California Institute of Technology

FUSION Diagnostics

Luis Delgado-Aparicio

Contributions to a Soft X-Ray Diagnostic

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

ALPHA (Reserve)

Elijah Martin

Magnetic Field Vector Measurements Using Doppler-Free Saturation Spectroscopy

Oak Ridge National Laboratory