Below are attendee resources for the ARPA-E Macroalgae Workshop.

Workshop Participants

Review of Biomethane from Marine Biomass 2002

Process Design and Economics for the Converstion of Algal Biomass to Hydrocarbons 2014

Oilgae Guide to Fuels from Macroalgae 2010

Marine Farming- Macroalgal Production and Genetics 1987

Macroalgae For Bioenergy Processes 2012

Investigation of the Economic Feasibility of Macroalgae as a Potential Feedstock for Biorefineries 2015

Hydrothermal Liquification of BioMass 2015

Extraction of High Value Ingredients from Macroalgae 2015

Additional Reading: 

A guide to the seaweed industry FAO 2003

A UK Roadmap for Algal Tech 2013

Biomass with Carbon Capture and Storage 2012

Bull Kelp 2001

Comprehensive Oilgae Report 2010

Cost Analysis Aquatic Biomass Systems 1978

Culture of Sargassum in Korea 2014

Economic Analysis to Inform the Alaska Mariculture Initiative 2015

Economics of Kappaphycus Seaweed 2015

James Cook report on in Vitro TGP

Macroalgae Analysis PNNL 2011

Macroalgae as a Biomass Feedstock 2010

Macroalgae NPC 2012

Mass Cultivation of Carbohydrate Rich Macroalgae 2013

NOAA Report on Ocean and Great Lakes Economy 

Protection and Management of Sargasso Sea 

Safeguarding the Future of the Global Seaweed Aquaculture Industry 2016

Seaweed Bioethanol Production in Japan - The Ocean Sunrise Project

Social and Economic Dimensions of Carrageenan Seaweed Farming 2013

Supply Chain Sustainability Analysis of Whole 2015

Techno-Economic Feasibility Analysis of Offshore Seaweed Farming for Bioenergy and Biobased Products-2008

The Potential of Marine Biomass for Anaerobic Biogas Production 2008

The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2014

GRI Reports:

1979 GRI Marine Biomass Program Annual Report

1980 GRI Marine Biomass Program Annual Report

1981 GRI Microbiological Studies Toward Optimization of Methane from Marine Plant Biomass Annual Report

1981 GRI New York State Site and Species Study Final Report

1981 GRI Survey of Commercial Seaweed Production for the Marine Biomass Program 

1982 GRI Marine Biomass Program Anaerobic Digestion Final Report

1982 GRI Marine Biomass Program Annual Report

1982 GRI Microbiological Studies Toward Optimization of Methane from Marine Plant Biomass Final Report

1982 GRI Final Report Physcial Engineering and Environmental Aspects of Ocean Kelp Farming

1984 GRI Annual Report The Economic Benefits of the Marine Biomass Program at GRI

1984 GRI Final Report Marine Biomass Program

1985 GRI Annual Report Kelp Biomass Production Yield Genetics and Plant Technology

Biomethanation of Giant Brown Kelp Macrocystis Pyrifera 1978 

Tropical Macroalgal Cultivation 1986

Expanding Mariculture Farther Offshore Workshop 2010:

A Global Assessment of Offshore Mariculture 2013

A Review of Opportunities Technical Constraints and Future Needs of Offshore Mariculture 2013

Expanding Mariculture Farther Offshore 2010