Project Description

KRuMBS will develop novel bioprocesses to degrade marine macroalgae to bioenergy products (methane, alcohols, etc.). The microorganisms used in the bioprocess will be derived from the gut of ruminant marine finfish (Kyphosidae). While there is abundant potential for expansion of macroalgae production in offshore environments, they are difficult to transform into salable products. The team will work with its partners to isolate, optimize, and deploy microbial consortia and individual microorganisms capable of rapidly digesting macroalgal biomass in a highly scalable way. This will enable macroalgae as feedstock for bioconversion to domestic liquid and gaseous bioenergy molecules, replacing imported fuels in the chemical supply chain, offering a huge marine greenhouse gas sink, and eliminating biofuel land-use changes.

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PI: Neil Sims;

Team Members

NREL, University of Hawaii, UC San Diego, SDSU, LBNL

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