ARPA-E NAI Fellows Blog - Program Directors and PIs

ARPA-E Program Directors and Principal Investigators named in National Academy of Inventors (NAI) Fellows Class of 2022

ARPA-E congratulates them on their achievement!

ARPA-E Principal Investigators Dr. Wei Chen, Dr. Ayman El-Refaie, Dr. Fang Zheng Peng, Dr. Eric D. Wachsman, and Dr. Joseph Wang were recently announced as National Academy of Inventors (NAI) Fellows.

NAI recognizes academic inventors who demonstrate a prolific spirit of innovation and whose inventions make a tangible impact on quality of life, economic development, and societal welfare.

Learn more about the Principal Investigators’ (PIs) ARPA-E projects below👇

PI Dr. Wei Chen’s DIFFERENTIATE project at UT Arlington develops a machine learning-enhanced mixed-variable conceptual design optimization framework to construct new functional materials for energy savings.

Learn more about Dr. Chen's ARPA-E project.

PI Dr. Ayman El-Refaie’s ASCEND project at Marquette University is developing a high-efficiency, high power density electric motor with additively manufactured windings integrated with advanced cooling and modular integrated power electronics for electric aviation.

Learn more about Dr. El-Refaie's ARPA-E project.

PI Dr. Fang Zheng Peng’s GENI project at Michigan State University developed a power flow controller to improve the routing of electricity from renewable sources through existing power lines.

Learn more about Dr. Peng's ARPA-E project.

PI Dr. Eric D. Wachsman’s RANGE project at University of Maryland resulted in developing ceramic materials and processing methods to enable high-power, solid-state, lithium-ion batteries for use in EVs.

Learn more about Dr. Wachsman's ARPA-E project.

PI Dr. Joseph Wang’s DELTA project at UC San Diego developed smart responsive garments that enable building occupants to adjust their personal temperature settings and promote thermal comfort to reduce or eliminate the need for building-level air conditioning.

Learn more about Dr. Wang's ARPA-E project.

ARPA-E past Program Directors Dr. Joseph A. King, Jr. and Dr. Ji-Cheng Zhao were also recognized for their efforts!

Congratulations from ARPA-E!

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