ARPA-E’s Active Role at CERAWeek 2023

CERAWeek brings the global energy industry together to share insights and strategies on what’s next for global energy markets, geopolitics, and technology. CERAWeek convenes government officials, industry leaders, academics, technology innovators, financial leaders, and thought leaders in one space for what Politico has coined the "[energy] industry's Super Bowl.”

ARPA-E leadership utilized the 2023 CERAWeek Innovation Agora to engage attendees and give them an update on the agency’s accomplishments and future plans. The Innovation Agora is a part of CERAWeek and covers transformational technology with a continued focus on new technologies for decarbonization. Through Agora Pods and Lyceums, ARPA-E’s leadership and commercialization team sparked new thinking on the topic and gave deep dives into innovative solutions to today’s energy challenges.

ARPA-E Involvement at CERAWeek 2023

ARPA-E Director Evelyn Wang gave an overview of ARPA-E, outlined how to work with the agency, and shared information about ARPA-E’s focused programs. Program Director Dr. Jenifer Shafer joined her to describe her work with the CURIE and GEMINA programs, and to talk about what ARPA-E is looking into for the future.

Evelyn presenting her lyceum

Director Wang Presenting her Lyceum with PD Dr. Shafer

Dr. Shafer presenting future ARPA-e focus areas

Dr. Shafer Describing Future ARPA-E Focus Areas

Technology-to-Market (T2M) Advisor Jonathan Glass participated in a “Pod Session” where he discussed challenges to integrating variable renewable resources into the grid, and talked about how ARPA-E’s PERFORM program provides solutions to overcome those grid challenges.

T2M Advisor Sam Wurzel also took part in a Pod Session about the prospects for a competitive fusion industry.

T2M Advisor Dr. Cremer moderated a panel that focused on the ARPA-E SCALEUP program with SCALEUP performers Inventwood, Via Separations, and LongPath Technologies.

Dr. Cremer at SCALEUP Panel

T2M Advisor Dr. Cremer Moderating SCALEUP Panel


CERAWeek ARPA-E SCALEUP Panel – Dr. Gregg Cremer, Ian Dickinson, Dr. Howard Schmidt, and Dr. Shreya Dave

A wide range of ARPA-E performers were also in attendance and gave talks at CERAWeek, including:

ARPA-E was a part of a larger DOE presence at CERAWeek, including U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm, who delivered a keynote address. Also participating as speakers and panelists were leaders from the DOE Loan Program Office and Office of Technology Transitions, which announced a partnership with industry to accelerate long-duration energy storage during CERAWeek.