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Transformational Technologies at the 2022 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit

The 2022 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit is only weeks away! The ARPA-E team is excited to welcome thousands of energy innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and government representatives to Denver, Colorado for this can’t-miss event. Register today to join us May 23-25.

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The Summit’s Technology Showcase continues to be a fan-favorite, featuring more than 340 exhibitors displaying the nation’s most innovative energy technologies. You do not want to miss this opportunity to check out these potentially groundbreaking technologies and speak with the ARPA-E awardees, vetted technology companies, and government agencies developing them. While we encourage you to take your time to work your way through the showcase floor, there are several live technology demonstrations that are worth adding to your personal agenda:

Scaling Disruptive Methane Leak Detection and Quantification

Monday, 4:45 pm, Tech Demo Stage (Aurora Hall)

Bridger Photonics will demonstrate their gas mapping technology, used to efficiently detect, locate, and quantify methane emissions from an aircraft. Bridger uses a proprietary laser sensor that is attached to the underside of an aircraft to scan hundreds of oil and gas sites a day, streamlining the methane mitigation process with the most sensitive aerial leak detection and repair technology available.

New and Innovative 3D Mapping Technology to Enable Rehabilitation of Natural Gas Pipe Infrastructure

Monday, 5:30 pm, Tech Demo Stage (Aurora Hall)

White River Technologies will display their new 3D mapping technology to enable the rehabilitation of the natural gas pipe infrastructure. Their project includes a comprehensive, inclusive, and robust data management and visualization system to provide an integrated and interactive data delivery system.

In-Flight Aviation Testbed Platform for ARPA-E Programs in Power Electronics, Motors, and Power Generation

Monday, 6:15 pm, Booth 636

Ampaire is bringing their dedicated testbed aircraft to the Summit. The aircraft is a custom-built, 337 Electric EEL, and is used for ARPA-E projects to deploy and test their technologies at high altitude in actual flight environments.

Saving Energy in Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Systems Using Radiative Sky Cooling

Tuesday, 12:45 pm, Aurora Patio

SkyCool Systems has developed a passive radiative cooling technology that improves the energy efficiency of air conditioning and refrigeration systems by up to 40%. SkyCool’s rooftop panel system delivers a radiative cooling effect day and night by continuously rejecting heat into the depths of outer space.

Floor Sensors for Occupancy Counting in Commercial Buildings

Tuesday, 1:30 pm, Booth 322

The Scanalytics team will demonstrate their pressure-sensitive flooring underlays, which enable precise counting of people in commercial environments. This occupancy information may be passed directly to HVAC control or combined with occupancy information from other sensors to manage the heating, cooling and air flow to maximize building energy efficiency and provide optimal human comfort. 

A Rapid In-field System to Measure Deep Soil C Stock and Flux

Tuesday, 2:15 pm, Tech Demo Stage (Aurora Hall)

Soil Health Institute will showcase their soil carbon measurement and monitoring system. The system’s three main components are in-field measurement hardware, an optimized spatial sampling algorithm to select measurement sites, and machine learning calibrations that leverage the current infrastructure of national soil spectroscopy libraries.

Machine Learning for Automated Maintenance of Future MSR

Tuesday, 4:45 pm, Tech Demo Stage (Aurora Hall)

Check out Southern Research Institute’s robot for autonomous maintenance of nuclear reactors. The robots are trained in a virtual environment using virtual reality and machine learning to perform routine maintenance.

Pulsed High Temperature Superconducting Central Solenoid for Revolutionizing Tokamaks

Tuesday, 5:30 pm, Tech Demo Stage (Aurora Hall)

Commonwealth Fusion Systems will display their high-temperature superconductor for revolutionizing tokamaks. Their pulsed-tokamak power-plant pathway has the potential to reduce costs, speed timelines, and revolutionize the future of fusion power.

The full list of Technology Showcase participants can be found here. Join us in Denver to meet with the companies and research organizations poised to transform our energy future. For more information on the 2022 Summit, visit the Summit website at:

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