The Impact of ARPA-E

Our External Affairs Office can provide information about the Agency’s history, mission, successes, and impact. Please see the publicly available information below. 

If we can provide any additional information or help coordinate a public event or meeting with an ARPA-E awardee, please contact our Assistant Director of External Affairs, Peder Maarbjerg.

What is ARPA-E? 

ARPA-E History
ARPA-E Fact Sheet
Our Impact

Where is ARPA-E? 

ARPA-E Projects by State
ARPA-E Interactive Project Map

How is ARPA-E changing the U.S. energy landscape? 

ARPA-E: The First Seven Years - A Sampling of Project Outcomes, Volume I 
ARPA-E Impacts: A Sample of Project Outcomes, Volume II
ARPA-E Impacts: A Sampling of Project Outcomes, Volume III