Fostering Applicant Connections

WASHINGTON, DC -- Since its first funding opportunity announcement in April 2009, ARPA-E has received scores of promising ideas for the next generation of energy technologies. This response has been thrilling, because it means that the potential for disruptive American energy innovation has only begun to surface. However, ARPA-E can only fund a fraction of these promising ideas at the levels required, which means many potentially groundbreaking technologies are left without the necessary funding to perform research and development.

The ARPA-E website's new feature, Fostering Applicant Connections, aims to bridge the gap between ARPA-E's "Encouraged Applicants" and potential investors, partners and customers. The listing, which currently includes 85 organizations, is intended to help foster the appropriate connections that will accelerate technology development.

"Encouraged Applicants" includes those applicants who were encouraged by ARPA-E to submit a full application to one of its funding opportunity announcements, but were not selected for funding. All Encouraged Applicants listed have elected to post information regarding their technologies. The descriptions were composed by the applicants and edited by ARPA-E, as appropriate. Neither the Department of Energy nor ARPA-E endorses or sponsors the individuals, organizations and/or technologies identified.