ARPA-E: Redefining the Problem to Find New Solutions

ARPA-E brings together experts from diverse disciplines and industries to frame new ways of looking at the energy challenge. By viewing the problem through a different lens, ARPA-E brings together new capabilities to develop new technology solutions. The DELTA and MONITOR programs illustrate this novel approach well. In this video, Associate Director of Technology Dr. Patrick McGrath discusses how ARPA-E has reframed the challenge of building efficiency with the DELTA program and methane leaks with the MONITOR program differently in order to yield “out of left field” technologies that can lead to transformational gains. The video features two projects – University of California San Diego’s DELTA project and Rebellion Photonics’ MONITOR project.

Dr. Patrick McGrath, Associate Director for Technology, ARPA-E
Dr. Joseph Wang, Professor of Nanoengineering, UC San Diego
Dr. Robbie Kester, Co-Founder and CTO, Rebellion Photonics
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