Creating Practical, Affordable Natural Gas Storage Solutions

Allowing people to refuel natural gas vehicles at home could revolutionize the way we power our cars and trucks. Currently, our nation faces two challenges in enabling natural gas for transportation. The first is improving the way gas tanks are built for natural gas vehicles; they need to be conformable, allowing them to fit tightly into the vehicle. The second challenge is improving the way those tanks are refueled while maintaining cost-effectiveness, safety, and reliability. This video highlights two ARPA-E project teams with innovative solutions to these challenges. REL is addressing the first challenge by developing a low-cost, conformable natural gas tank with an interconnected core structure. Oregon State University and OnBoard Dynamics are addressing the second challenge by developing a self-refueling natural gas vehicle that integrates a compressor into its engine—using one of the engine’s cylinders to compress gas eliminates the need for an expensive at-home refueling system. These two distinct technologies from ARPA-E’s MOVE program illustrate how the Agency takes a multi-pronged approach to problem solving and innovation.

Dr. Dane Boysen, Program Director, ARPA-E
Dr. Josh Loukus, President, REL
Rita Hansen, CEO, Onboard Dynamics