The U.S. transportation sector is responsible for 27% of all domestic greenhouse gas emissions, which negatively impact millions of Americans and their communities every year. As the U.S. seeks to cut all greenhouse emissions from the transportation sector by 2050, emission reduction innovations are essential. This Exploratory Topic seeks to develop the low-carbon intermodal freight transportation system of the future, with the goal of minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and maximizing freight resiliency. Project innovations developed within this Exploratory Topic will support the deployment of energy infrastructure and logistics for moving goods across maritime, rail, and road transportation in the United States. This will be accomplished through developing models that enable prioritization of low-carbon energy infrastructure deployment, along with data required for the effective deployment of this optimized distribution system. The projects will also develop logistics models that enable predictive and responsive optimization of modal choice, inter- or intra- modal transfer, and routing consistent with future energy systems.

Program Director(s)

Dr. Robert Ledoux